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7 Healthy Lifestyle Factors Help To Lower Depression



7 Healthy Lifestyle Factors Help To Lower Depression

Depression has become a very common mental health concern in the world today if not the most recurring problem an average youth deals with in today’s society. Recently, depression has been undermined a lot to the extent that when a person says “I’m feeling depressed” it just sounds like they are making just another silly excuse to be moody or just a perfect response after having a bad day. However, a lot of studies have proven that depression has contributed to over 60,000 suicide cases all over the world.

What Is Depression? What Is The Exact Cause?

Now, I would say Depression takes different forms and stems from various things such as Major depression, persistent depressive depression, and post-partum depression.

What Is Depression

Now, for folks like me who would like to curb this whole era and wave of depression, here are 7 tips and teas to stay far away from depression at the same time protecting your mental health.

  1. Having regular exercise: Hitting the gym has become a trend for a lot of people these days and as much as people love the idea and concept behind it, having regular physical exercise like running, taking long walks, jogging and cycling helps release endorphins which helps in improving the mood and at the same time reducing the risk of depression. Whether you are going through the dark path of depression or you are just guarding your mental health, physical exercises help to declutter the mind and this will absolutely keep you away from overthinking and being in your head all the time.
  1. Always manage your stress level: We’ve heard people talk about stress and how dangerous it becomes over time. You might be wondering “How can just being stressed lead to depression” Oh well, imagine having a job that barely affords you the time to do something else you’re working round the clock without a break then boom nothing else makes sense in your life, no time for family and loved ones, just you and you job. It leaves an empty space longing to be filled and guess what happens next, depression creeps in. 
  1. Find a hobby and other fun activities: Engaging in creative activities you really enjoy is a good way to occupy the mind and unwind at the same time. People tend to gain a sense of joy and accomplishment whenever they do what they love.  
  1. Maintain an active social life and connections: In recent times, people feel they don’t need anybody and can survive on their own but study has it that one of the major factors that causes depression is loneliness. That feeling of emptiness and aloneness mitigates depression therefore having a therapist, friends, community, etc. that can provide emotional support and presence goes a long way.
  1. Avoid smoking and other harmful substances: It’s no news that people have a higher risk of depression as a result of using recreational drugs such as alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol and even drug abuse triggers depression.
  1. Stick to having an adequate sleep pattern: Insomnia is one of the early signs of depression but frequently I hear people say “My sleep schedule is messed up” and it is very much alarming. We are not even going to understate the fact that quality sleep plays a crucial role in our mental health and having a consistent sleep pattern helps the body mind and soul relax and function effectively. An average person should at least aim for 7 – 8 hours of sleep.
  1. Having a balanced diet: Paying attention to your diet plan is very important because consuming a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains helps in avoiding obesity. Obesity is no doubt a major factor linked to an increased risk of depression as it results in low self-esteem.

In conclusion, these healthy lifestyle tips will definitely keep you in check and safe from depression. An informed mind is a healthy mind and a healthy mind is a happy mind. Just as the old saying goes “health is wealth”. I hope this was an interesting read. Thanks for reading!!!!

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