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About CCD

Camel City Dispatch was founded in August of 2012 as an online only news and information outlet for Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Founded by Chad Nance and Carissa Joines, the goal of CCD was to cover all things local like no one else. As the only exclusively online news site around at the time, CCD covered local news, did award-winning investigative journalism, and changed the landscape of local coverage by other media outlets in town.

In September of 2016, Camel City Dispatch refocused its efforts to provide a broader spectrum of information to the community. No longer covering on-the-spot news, CCD is focusing instead on bringing you what we have become celebrated for – real information about what is going on in our community, brought to you by your own neighbors. Now self-labeled as an Information Cooperative, Camel City Dispatch publishes locally focused and created information, articles, podcasts, videos, photography, poetry, fiction and other writing every Tuesday and Thursday.

Readers can find us here on our site, and find links to everything we publish on Facebook and Twitter, and occasionally Pinterest and Instagram.  CCD also has an email blast that sends subscribers an email every day we publish something new.

CCD utilizes Google Ads on our site in order to provide supplemental income to cover the costs of operating this site. To see the privacy policy for these ads, click HERE. CCD does not sell or provide any information from the ads sold directly to local advertisers.