a/perture & Scalawag Magazine to Screen “American Made” Documentary

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american made movie
american made movie

Winston-Salem’s a/perture Cinema along with Southern politics & culture magazine, Scalawag, will be screening the documentary “American Made Movie”. This documentary is informed by certain crucial and disturbing concepts and facts- America has the world’s worst trade balance; 56,000 factories in the U.S. have shut down since 2001. In the doc the filmmakers unpack the post-1979 decline in domestic manufacturing, the ensuing spread and impact of outsourcing, and the ever-widening gap between America’s rich and middle class. Interviews include academics, advocates and even a “retail anthropologist” who shed further light on the state of US manufacturing and its bearing on the American economy. In a city that is still recovering from the effects and losses of the declining manufacturing economy, this is the kind of film that hits hard and true.

Following the screening there will be a panel to include:

Bob Leak, President of Winston-Salem Business, Inc. – From manufacturing facilities to information technologies, WSBI has focused on bringing new companies and their latest technologies to our region. WSBI has assisted 145 companies, representing more than $1.7 billion in tax base and 16, 592 new jobs. Read more HERE.

David Coates, holds the Worrell Chair in Anglo-American Studies. Born in the United Kingdom and educated at the universities of York and Oxford, he came to Wake Forest University in 1999, having previously held personal chairs at the universities of Leeds (in contemporary political economy) and Manchester (in labor studies). He has written extensively on UK labor politics, contemporary political economy and US public policy. For further details go HERE.

“American Made Movie” will screen on Wednesday, March 2nd at 7:30pm. The cost will be $12.50 per ticket. You can purchase tickets and learn more HERE.


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