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Health Advisory: Blood Pressure Medication Recalled Over Oxycodone Traces In Packaging Line



Blood Pressure Medication Recalled Over Oxycodone Traces

KVK-Tech, Inc. discovered a single 5 mg oxycodone HCl tablet among the blood pressure drugs the company was packaging to be shipped nationwide in white plastic bottles each containing 100 tablets.

This rogue opioid tablet had found its way into the manufacturing process for the company’s 10 mg betaxolol tablets. KVK-Tech, Inc. has subsequently issued a recall for several of these tablets. It’s unclear if there were additional oxycodone tablets produced in addition to the one that ended up on the assembly line.

Customers detecting oxycodone in their betaxolol tablets or experiencing negative side effects have not yet been reported. Additionally, it is unclear how the misplaced tablet ended up there. Therefore, there must have been a production-related error.


 Betaxolol, a blood pressure drug, may have unknowingly contained oxycodone when it was delivered to wholesalers and retailers across the US, prompting a pharmaceutical company to voluntarily recall the batch.

Betaxolol Tablets

According to the FDA, it is doubtful that normal consumers would recognize the error on their own because the two pills appear to be similar. A particular kind of beta blocker is betaxolol. Beta-blockers counteract the effects of the adrenaline-like hormone epinephrine.

The blood vessels may enlarge or dilate as a result, slowing your heart rate. Your arteries may enlarge, which will cause a reduction in blood pressure.

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Oxycodone, in comparison, is a semi-synthetic narcotic that is frequently prescribed for pain management but has also historically been a well-liked substance for misuse. It is a controlled substance as a result. Along with pain alleviation, oxycodone can also result in sleepiness, euphoria, constipation, pupil contractions, and respiratory depression.

When your lungs are not feeling well, you do not have respiratory depression. When this happens, your respiratory rate can potentially slow down to dangerously low levels. Naturally, oxycodone and betaxolol are not interchangeable; these two medications are very different and have very different purposes.

A rogue oxycodone tablet may be tough to distinguish from a betaxolol tablet as both are white, round, and biconvex. So the concern is that someone could inadvertently take oxycodone and then experience some of the aforementioned effects.

Some individuals on betaxolol may already have compromised heart and pulmonary function. Therefore, should they mistakenly ingest a narcotic like oxycodone, they could be at much greater risk for horrible things happening, including their respiratory rate dropping way too low. Additionally, anyone who has a history of opioid use disorder (OUD) or is at risk of developing one may be particularly vulnerable to the dangers of accidental intake of an opioid drug.

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This serves as another warning that mistakes can occur throughout the production, packaging, and delivery of pharmaceuticals. Therefore, you shouldn’t just blindly believe in the medicines you buy at the drugstore or acquire online. Watch the tablets, capsules, or another form the drug is taking, and keep an eye on it. Check to see if each is what the drug you are meant to be taking says it is.

Be mindful of how you feel after taking a medication as well. Please let your pharmacist or doctor know if you experience any unwanted side effects. Let them see what’s in your pharmaceutical bottle rather than keeping such events to yourself. The effects of a rogue prescription might be rather serious.

The medicine manufacturer sent a recall letter to its wholesalers and customers. The return of all the recalled medications is being organized by KVK-Tech. Additional details regarding customer refunds are available on the FDA website.

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