CCD Needs Your Help to Meet Year End Budget

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by Camel City Dispatch

UPDATE: We’re so close! Thank you to the many readers who have generously given to help fill our end of year budget gap. We are just under $5000 short of meeting our expenses for 2015.  Please help us start 2016 in the black! Just $10 from you can make a huge difference and can help us close this budget gap today. 

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CCD has been bringing you local news and information on par with other media outlets in town while operating on a budget that would not even cover the lunch budget for everyone else.  We love what we do because we love this city and we love you, our friends & neighbors. As we approach then end of the year, we need your help to make the ends meet and keep this train rolling down the tracks.

Since 2012, the staff and volunteers who have worked for CCD have labored tirelessly to build Winston-Salem the local news outlet you deserve. Going from a couple of people with an idea to an outlet producing the up-to-date community coverage that our readers have come to appreciate has been a heavy lift and exciting ride, but we made it. Winston-Salem has our own, locally owned news source.

ccd founders
ccd founders

In the beginning we (Chad Nance and Carissa Joines) loaned ourselves $500, and during the life of CCD have exhausted nearly all of our personal resources and a good bit of health and energy – and it was totally worth it. There has been vital and wonderful support from our family, and folks in the community have ponied up when needed to keep CCD chugging along. Others have helped make CCD what it is by volunteering their time and talents. We are funded solely by community members’ donations, augmented by advertising from local non-profits and small businesses (CCD receives no grant funding or corporate funding).  Even with this support, we know that we have only begun to realize the full potential of CCD and Winston-Salem. The foundation has been built, but there are many bricks to go and we need to community’s help to keep moving on.

CCD doesn’t belong to any one person or voice – Camel City Dispatch belongs to you, Winston-Salem. From downtown into every ward and neighborhood, the citizens of Winston-Salem are why we at CCD wake up every morning and go to work. Camel City Dispatch wasn’t created to try to save journalism, make money, or start another media outlet. CCD was intended to be a movement- a local movement to provide a place where Winston-Salem could come together to learn, share ideas, and grow closer as a people. We aren’t in the business of making money, friends & neighbors. We are on a mission.

That mission is to see our local businesses thrive and create economic sustainability, our community culture continuing to embrace art and innovation, and our readers forming connections with each other and those businesses, artists, and organizations that make our city great.

While CCD will always be free to whomever stops by- nothing is ever completely free. CCD is yours, Winston-Salem, and we’re asking you to come together to help us grow and become even better. We know that we need to upgrade our website to provide you a better experience and we want to bring in new voices to offer more coverage.  Frankly, before we can do any of that we need your help to get out of 2015 in the black. With your help, Camel City, CCD will be here for all of us to enjoy for years to come.

You, readers, are already a part of the movement. Now we need you to support the cause financially. Maybe you’ve been meaning to join the Camel City Irregulars. Maybe you just have a few bucks to throw into the tip jar. Maybe you’ve been thinking about an article you’ve read and want to provide some funding support so we can keep telling those stories. Whatever you can contribute we promise that it’ll be put to good use right here in Camel City.


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