CCD Weekend Poetry – R Lee Riley

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by Camel City Dispatch

Pillar and the Robin

Bird wars,
feeder hordes.
I’m hiding from a robin
so she’ll swoop up not me noddin’
to Grecian bowl just above from which she so desperately wants… a
Cardinals are winning, fans

war factor one
war factor oneCardinals are winning, fans

screaming from hidden
bush bench seats
Now cooling
as sun casts last slant

Seeing Snowsuit in the Parfait Browngray
Shortbreath icewind, turned wrongway railway steam into hood – wet,
the childhood nose glove how cavalier
crispy woolen swiped now magic crystal smear….
Ah, today.
There it is.
Hanging there.
Parfait browngray layer,
stuck like cobwebs in the scraggly trees on gray chiffon horizon rows.
Afraid to lift up,
recede the distant dark from close loud white echoes in the dampened
A snowsuit on the moon you sat.
Beneath the steel ceiling that
shushed you, still,
when crunchy snowplay stopped
and you saw all you once forgot.

Warp Factor One

Carolina brick veneer
two-car garage made living room from outside to appear.
By 8 it’s late
closed every gate,
windows full of coal.
Not ours.
House of light… pierces night,
stroll to fridge looks tiny people, bridge…



Writer, illustrator and multimedia artist R. Lee Riley is a native New Englander and earned his B.A. from the University of Rhode Island, where he studied broadcast and print Journalism and semiotics. While in school he won the SCJ national award for best documentary and was a regular overnight on-air personality for WRIU-FM Kingston. With a passion for storytelling, he has recorded audio novels, newspapers and poetry for individuals who are print disabled for Audio Journal, the WICN-FM Worcester, MA affiliate of Radio Reading Services. Lee additionally explored darkroom photography and digital media studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, but it was his love for radio and producing that has brought him back to the magic of writing and spoken word from a long corporate lull. He now publishes several blogs under a variety of themes that feature his unique prose, poetry, photography and recorded work, and is working on his first book of selected poems entitled “Amid the Sidewalks Starred,” an alchemical anthology of verse and journal illustrations on Innocence, Fall and Surrender inspired by his over six years living in Hollywood, California.






R. Lee Riley comes to CCD from Winston-Salem Writers. Find out about this vital local organization HERE.



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