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Covid Vaccine Uncertainty: Survey Indicates Over Half Of Adults Might Decline COVID Shot



Covid Vaccine Uncertainty Survey Indicates Over Half Of Adults Might Decline COVID Shot

A recent conducted poll to find out those who will be interested in taking the newly released COVID-19 vaccines shows that almost half of adults say that they will “probably” or “definitely” take a shot of the newly recommended COVID-19 vaccine. 

The poll reveals that 23% of adults accept the new vaccine 23% of adults say they will probably get the vaccine and 19% say they will probably not get it then 33% conclude they will definitely not take it.

Clearly, this indicates that the share of the public who decide to get the new vaccine is greater than those who received previous booster shots but cannot be compared to the vaccine uptake back in 2020. Nearly 37% of people who received a shot before say that they probably or definitely will not receive the new vaccine. 

Traced back to earlier vaccine rollout during the pandemic, 65-year-olds (64%) and democrats (70%) say they will probably or definitely will get the new vaccine.

Is The New Vaccine Recommended For Children?

The new COVID-19 vaccine has been said to be recommended for children ages 6 months through 4 years and above.

Is The New Vaccine Recommended For Children

Reviews from parents show that four in ten parents expect to get the vaccine for their children ages 12 to 17 (39%), ages 5 to 11 (36%), and ages 6 months to 4 years (34%). More than half of parents with children in each age group say they probably or definitely won’t get their children vaccinated.

The Decision Of People Over The New COVID-19 Vaccine

Reports from the poll show that a larger share of eligible people choose to get an annual flu shot and a newly recommended vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) than to get the COVID19 newly released vaccine.

The result shows that most adults (58%) say that they have already gotten or expect to get a flu shot while adults between ages 60 and older (60%) also say that they have already gotten or expect to get the new RSV vaccine recommended for their age group.

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What The Poll Revealed!

The KFF COVID19 poll shows that there are those who view the vaccine to be safe and those who are afraid to take the vaccine addressing it to be unreliable.

KFF President and CEO Drew A lot man said “The poll shows that most of the nations still trust the CDC and the FDA on vaccines- but there’s a partisan gap and most Republicans don’t trust the nation’s regulatory and scientific agencies responsible for vaccine approval and guidance. 

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The Partisan Division

Just as it was during the pandemic, a much smaller share of Republicans (24%) than Democrats (70%) expect to get the new COVID19 vaccine- 46% point gap. Republicans are also less likely than Democrats to be confident that each of the three vaccines is safe (the flu shot, the RSV, and COVID19 vaccines).

The biggest divide for the COVID19 vaccine (84% of democrats and 36% of Republican are confident it is safe.

The partisan division continues on a wide range of measures connected to vaccines and the COVID-19 pandemic, these include:

  • Trust in public health agencies;
  • Perceptions about new waves of COVID19 across the country;
  • Taking extra precautions for the new waves of COVID-19;
  • Getting tested for COVID-19.

The partisan division occurs in the areas stated above. The only area where partisans agree is that their personal doctors, including their children’s pediatrician, are their most trusted sources of vaccine information.

This survey was conducted from September 6-13 online and telephone designed and analyzed by public opinion researchers at KFF.

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