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COVID Vaccines and Unexpected Vaginal Bleeding In Women – What’s The Latest?



COVID Vaccines and Unexpected Vaginal Bleeding In Women

Few twists and turns in recent days as few women have reported cases of Vaginal bleeding since taking the COVID-19 vaccine intakes. The common factor that is surprising the healthcare experts is that aside from the vaccine intakes, these women have claimed to not have had a period in years.

Since the cases are taken into serious account and sparked conversations regarding the potential side effects of the specific vaccines. Here’s what we know and everything you need to know on the issue.

COVID Vaccines Linked To Unexpected Vaginal Bleeding In Women

The women who encountered the issue are of various ages and have experienced menopause and had periods at irregular times. The reported bleeding cases are unusual and heavier than what they anticipated as reported by the individual. Medical experts are studying the scenario and stated that these cases are relatively rare the bleeding could happen only for a short period.

COVID Vaccines Linked To Unexpected Vaginal Bleeding In Women

Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a clinical professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Yale University has an explanation for this issue that despite the unusualness it’s not entirely unexpected. She claims this is due to the fact that vaccines affect the menstrual cycles as the vaccines ought to impact the immunity system. 

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The possible causes behind these changes in menstrual patterns are not completely recognized but some case scenarios that could help have emerged and listed just so you know few of these are:

  1. Immune Response: Most vaccines target the immune system of our human body eventually triggering an immune response. These responses are due to the vaccine that affected the immune system reaching the hormones. This perfectly explains why the bleeding or change in period is reported.
  2. Stress: It’s obvious to feel concerned about the possible side effects while taking a vaccine. The mood or panic turns out to be a defense mechanism and ends up giving changes in periods.
  3. Inflammation: Vaccines cause inflammation responses in the uterine lining or the blood vessels, either of these could be the reason for bleeding. 

While there are reports of cases which is unreliable or related to vaginal bleeding, there is no large-scale data study or research which claims a direct connection between COVID-19 vaccines and its connection or aftermath as Vaginal bleeding.

Popular Medical authorities like the CDC, and the Food and Drug Administration of the US are yet to release an official statement Vaccines like flu shots has also similar outcomes. Despite these reasons, the authorities are not allowed to prevent any vaccine intake as it could reduce fatal and potential risks which outweigh the side effects which tend to be mild and cause a short period.

What Women Should Know?

The experts have suggested several measures for taking care of the issues for women who faced these issues recently.

Safety measures include:

  1. Contact Healthcare: Experiences changes in your body that are concerning within your menstrual cycle or bleeding patterns could be a sign and are advised to contact the healthcare immediately to help determine if further checks or treatment is required.
  2. Monitor Symptoms: Always keeping track of your signs which include the duration and heaviness of the bleeding could be crucial info while consulting an expert.
  3. Stay Informed: Staying updated by following reputed health organizations like the CDC and WHO could be lifesaving as they provide proper guidance on several concerns.

In conclusion the reports of vaginal bleeding cases that too after the intake of COVID-19 vaccines are not anticipated in nature and raise concerns. The authorities are compelled to do further research.

This is an awareness that our body responds in different ways and an alert to the health care authorities. At this time were meant to stay informed and contact the health care professional when necessary to protect our community.

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