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Embrace The Cozy Cardio Craze: The Fitness Trend Taking Over Social Media



Embrace The Cozy Cardio Craze The Fitness Trend Taking Over Social Media

The best thing about the internet is that it is a tree that keeps on giving and this time it has blessed a bounty on all cardio lovers. Lately, the trend of cozy cardio has caught a lot of attention and everyone wants to know more about it. So what is this new trend and why is it suddenly everybody’s go-to exercise routine?

Cozy Cardio includes doing cardio-based workouts in a more familiar environment. Brought into the limelight by Ticktoker Hope Zuckerbrow later last year, the novel style has been attracting a lot of health-conscious members. The 2 million and 40 thousand views on her YouTube video should be a testament to this fact. She says the idea came to her after continuing a vicious cycle with her  However, what does Zuckerbrow do differently?

Embrace The Cozy Cardio Craze The Fitness Trend Taking Over Social Media

Cardio exercises have been praised by doctors and gym trainers alike. It could include several kinds of regimens consisting of hiking, jogging, cycling, rowing, or anything of a similar nature.  According to a study published by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, people between the ages of 18 to 30 have a higher chance of reducing their mortality if they engage in cardio activities during the day.

In fact, it was seen that over 27% of women benefitted from it while 13% of men reaped the benefit. However, most people find the idea of going to a gym extremely taxing. That is where Zuckerbrow’s tip comes in handy. She suggests doing low-density cardio in an environment that would calm your nerves. Possibly in the presence of scented candles or soothing lighting.

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Gymtimidation or anxiety about working out in a gym has emerged to be the sole reason why people don’t work out. A survey conducted by a diet company revealed surprising results. While 31 % suffered from general anxiety when it comes to fitness 48% restricted themselves due to the fact that they couldn’t imagine working out in a public setup. And when it comes to workout consistency is key. So when anxiety gets in the way, it really affects a person’s overall health.

In a personal setup, Hope explains how she does what she does. She treads lightly on the treadmill in the presence of dimmed lights and pleasant aromas. Instead of going to the gym, she has made this familiar place inside her home, a place she is comfortable in. Moreover, news outlets have reported her saying that she often sips on her favorite drink and watches Television or listens to music to take the edge off.

The basic principle of Cozy Cardio is based on the idea that a relaxed mind is known to lose weight faster.  Making a real connection with your body could help you understand it a little bit better. Mayo Clinic’s website states that 30 minutes of physical activity can be beneficial in multiple ways.

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When asked about the impact of Cozy Cardio, a women’s health trainer was quoted saying to a leading daily, “A workout doesn’t need to be long grueling sessions of running or lifting heavy weights. Instead, the key is to explore different forms of exercise until you find something you genuinely enjoy.

The core idea is not about the specific exercise you choose but about setting time apart for self-care and fostering a connection with your body. In essence, it encourages individuals to prioritize their well-being through enjoyable physical activities.” 

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As more people find themselves crumbling under pressure, cozy cardio workouts seem to be providing the relaxation most people need. Though scientists have not been able to establish its effectiveness, it still seems to hold its base among the youth.

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