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Cytisine And Varenicline Reign Supreme In Smoking Cessation, Reveals Latest Study



A New Study Says Cytisine And Varenicline Are The Most Effective Methods

Quitting smoking can be very daunting, but when the benefits are weighed against the bad effects, it Should be a worthwhile adventure. Quitting Smoking is the best thing you can ever do to better your health, but it can be very challenging, immediate benefits of dropping the habits are suitable to try and learn.

Quitting Smoking:A New Study Says Cytisine And Varenicline Are The Most Effective Methods

Naturally, the habit is not easy to drop, but there are medications and tools made available to help people that smoke and wish to quit the habit.

Some of these tools that help to quit smoking are:

  • A medication that is widely prescribed for depression
  • A nicotine patch
  • Nicotine free E- Cigarettes
  • A drug created to mimic a shrub that some soldiers smoke during World War II
  • A natural health product sold over the counter.
Cytisine And Varenicline Reign Supreme In Smoking Cessation

Which would you pick out of the five stated tools? On average, according to research, Cytisine, a compound found in some seeds and Varenicline, a synthetic compound designed to work similarly are more productive than any other tools for quitting Smoking.

But the big question is, why are they not available in the US? Cytisine has long been known and in popular use in Eastern Europe and became more available in Canada in 2017, though Varenicline is logically and technically available in the Us, but oftentimes doctors discourage smokers from using it, the question again is why would this be?.

Why Are They So Hard To Get In The US?

Could it be medical or economic reasons? 

Let’s find out with the research work conducted by Dr James Davis, Associate professor Duke center for smoking cessation.

He explained that Cytisine, though similar to Varenicline but Cytisine is not as strong or effective as Varenicline for smoking cessation.

These medications work by blocking nicotinic receptors in the brain, when a person who is on Varenicline smokes a cigarette, the nicotine in the cigarette can not bind to the nicotinic receptor, thereby it will render the act unattractive and less rewarding to the smoker. This makes it easier for the smoker to drop the habit.

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Far away from economic issues which might probably be the reason such medications are not allowed in the US, 

Varenicline is commonly found to have high side effects like nausea and sleep problems on the users, while some users may experience mood changes.

Cytisine also works in a similar way to Varenicline, just that it is less effective and has low side effects  like Varenicline. 

Cytisine does not bind tightly to nicotinic receptors like Varenicline, because it usually has low efficacy on smoking cessation.

Phase two trial was also conducted to test the efficacy of Cytisine on smoking cessation and its effects. It was revealed that it is more effective than placebo for treatment of e- cigarette use, with participants 2.6 times more likely to quit smoking with Cytisine.

FDA approval of Cytisine for treatment of e-cigarette use will possibly still take some years despite phase 1 and 2 tests.

Phase 3 test is still required to have succinct clinical assurance on its efficacy and safety in a larger population.

Dr James Davis says if the FDA does approve the use of Cytisine for e- cigarette cessation, the impact will definitely be huge, as there is no currently FDA approved treatment for e-cigarette use.

It is therefore necessary to say that the reason Cytisine or Varenicline are not commonly found in the US may be far away from economic reasons, as some may suggest. Efficacy and safety of the larger populaces is far more when compared to economic reasons.

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