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Door to Door Salesman Required to Display Licence as of July 1st



By Staff


Door-to-door salesmen will have to have a solicitation license and display a City of Winston-Salem issued photo identification under a new city law that takes effect July 1. Exempt from the license and ID requirement are solicitors for charities, religious groups, schools, non-profit groups such as Boy Scouts, newspaper and political campaigners.



The new law limits all door-to-door soliciting, both commercial and non-commercial, between 9 a.m. and 7 pm or sunset, whichever occurs first. It also prohibits all solicitors, both commercial and non-commercial, from soliciting at any residence, whether single or multi-family, with a “No Solicitation” or “No Trespassing” posted at or near the entrance, said Lori Sykes, the police attorney.

Other prohibited activities include knowingly using false or misleading statements to make a sale, remaining on a person’s doorstep after being asked to leave and otherwise soliciting in a manner that is obscene, threatening, intimidating or abusive.

“Residents have expressed concerns about people they don’t know appearing at their doorsteps or walking through their neighborhoods” Sykes said. “This ordinance will make it easier for residents to identify solicitors who have followed the licensing process with the city. It also consolidates and updates separate ordinances we had for various types of solicitors and foot peddlers.”

To obtain a solicitation license, applicants must submit an application available at the city Revenue Office on the first floor of the Stuart Municipal Building, 100 E. First St., and pay the $25 application fee. The application must list all individuals authorized to solicit door-to-door on behalf of the applicant company or individual. Applications will be forward to the Police Department to check the criminal record of the individuals listed. Previous violations of the city’s tax or foot peddler codes or convictions of certain violent or financial crimes will disqualify an applicant or solicitor.

Eligible applicants will return to the Revenue Office to receive their license and photo ID.

The new provisions are contained in section 38-34 of the City Code. Other provisions include prohibitions against:

  • Obstructing vehicles or pedestrians while selling
  • Threatening the health or safety of anyone
  • Implying that a license constitutes city endorsement of a product or service
  • Soliciting commercial sales without a current license or displaying the city ID


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