Forsyth County Political Spat in Raleigh – Who is Bullying Who?

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by Camel City Dispatch

By Staff
A sign that the Republican Supermajority’s hard-line, thug tactics are beginning to get out of hand?  Former state legislator and current Unemployment Insurance Office director, Dale Folwell, is claiming that his fellow Republicans in the state legislature are bullying his agency regarding seats on their board of review for deciding who gets benefits and who doesn’t- including threats from Republican legislators that they would throw out the governor’s appointees in favor of their own. Folwell singled out committee chair, Rep. Julia Howard (she represents parts of Forsyth County), as being behind the “bullying.”


According to Gary Robertson at the Raleigh News & Observer:

Folwell and McCrory press secretary Josh Ellis also say Howard and others approached the administration about appointing Howard to the board. She says she filed a government application necessary for appointments but never specifically applied for a board post.



You can read the rest of Robertson’s coverage HERE.











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