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Forsyth Tech’s Women’s Center Makes Impact

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by Kerri Hughes

By: Kerri Hughes

Forsyth Tech’s Shugart Center for Women has been in operation for over 15 years and offers dozens of services to female students.

The idea for the center was formed by Gloria Sexton in 1998. In 2002, the center received an endowment from Mr. Grover F. Shugart, CEO of Shugart Enterprises. Although the center focuses mostly on the needs of female students, it is open to all enrolled students at Forsyth Tech as well as faculty and staff.

The center is concerned not only with the academic success of female students; it also focuses on the personal and professional development of each woman. The center offers counseling and referrals to appropriate agencies for those who are in need. In addition, the center assists students with basic personal needs, such as clothing. The center is stocked with professional and casual clothing for those in need, donated from individuals and organizations. Muriel

The center places a large emphasis on the educational development of women, and offers a resource library with more than 550 donated books, tapes and magazines, as well as internet access.

Not only does the center assist women, it also celebrates them. On November 18, they held a Veteran’s Day event honoring all female veterans. The highest ranked female non-commissioned officer currently serving at Fort Bragg, Garrison Command Sergeant Major Yolanda Tate, was the guest speaker, focusing on women in leadership. The center aims to empower women with events such as this as well as empowerment seminars, workshops and displays.

The center has made a significant impact on the lives of female students. One alumnae, Shirelene Vargas, wrote to the center, “I want you to know that I am truly grateful and appreciative for the generous support and services you extended me while a student at Forsyth Tech. For women in general and single moms particularly your services are vital. The center is filled with friendship, good spirits, love and understanding.”

To learn more about the Shugart Women’s Center, click HERE.

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