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FYI: Karl Yena Nationally Recognized as Outstanding Volunteer

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by Camel City Dispatch

Yena was one of five selected in nationwide search for outstanding volunteers.

Presented For Your Information by HandsOn Northwest North Carolina

Each year, Cabot Creamery Cooperative, a New England cheese and dairy product producer, awards “community celebrities,” or community volunteers from all over the United States. Five volunteers are selected to receive a cruise in recognition of their service. The goal is to honor the achievements and contributions of volunteers who are making a significant difference in their communities.

For the last five years, Cabot has hosted the Community Celebrity Award and Cruise to spotlight those who serve others. Cabot works to inspire more people to contribute time to their communities and is changing the notion of “celebrity” to include the recognition of selfless volunteerism. Cabot has a national partnership with different nonprofits, including Points of Light and its HandsOn Network affiliates, who play a role in discovering volunteers for the Community Celebrity Cruise.

karl yena
karl yena

This year, local Points of Light affiliate, HandsOn Northwest North Carolina, nominated local volunteer Karl Yena, a past-member of HandsOn NWNC’s board, as Winston-Salem’s Community Celebrity—and he won! Hundreds of volunteers from across the United States who have dedicated their hearts and time with little thought to personal recognition were nominated by their local communities for this award.

When Karl Yena retired he took the skills he had honed in the private sector for 33 years and began volunteering his time helping nonprofit organizations in his community. Karl now works annually with more than 100 nonprofits across North Carolina to provide ongoing mentoring/coaching to Executive Directors and provides assistance to nonprofits in education, health, municipalities, human services, churches, foundations, and civic organizations & associations in the areas of strategic planning; Board development, staff development training; mediator/facilitator; and human resources & governance policies. His impact is both deep and wide, and he approaches work with the attitude of a servant and with an intent on helping people increase their capacity to serve effectively.

The five chosen winners will be rewarded with a trip of a lifetime on an Alaskan cruise. For this year’s cruise, the Cabot team has invited previous winners to attend to bring new and old winners together to celebrate the power of service.

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