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Game of Thrones: The Game – Review

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by Chad Nance


System: Playstation 3

By Angel Uriel Perales


The good: I bought the game used for $9.99 at a Game Stop on Saturday after work.
The bad:I can see how hardcore gamers hate the game. The fighting interface is confusing and it took me forever to figure it out- and I am still not sure if I figured it out. You basically have to pre-

game of thrones:the game

configure your moves while your character is in slow motion but still push the X button to execute the moves when in real time. Simultaneously, you control your beast and whatever companions are with you. I couldn’t make heads of tails of it for two days.

Also, at one point I just let the system do whatever it was going to do without any input from me. If you don’t choose your pre-moves then the computer just chooses – for you. I found out that when your main character’s hit points reach zero, the character doesn’t die and you don’t have to return to a save point, the system acts like your character was victorious and simply moves the quest forward. If that is the case then why even have a fight system at all?

The kinda good: The story plotline may be interesting to those who are into the series, either the novels or the HBO adaptation of the novels. Unfortunately everything else makes you want to pull your hair out thread by thread.

The horrible: Without really having a fighting interface that makes sense or even has any effect on your actions then the game is actually just an animated story that a gamer sifts through to the end while punching a few buttons on the controller.
The bad again: Older games as far back as Baldur’s Gate had more of an open ended world. With each chapter here, exploration keeps you within whatever locale you are currently in and you can’t go forward or even backwards in the storyline until you finish the current chapter.

The horrible: Why call this a game at all? You remember those old novels which let you choose your path at the end of each chapter? If you go north go to page 15. If you kill the tavern wench go to page 32. Yeah, this game is basically the computer version of those old choose-your-path novels. Except there is no “you are dead, go back and choose a different path” end page. When you die, the next chapter advances. LAME.

SCORE: 1 out of 10 so far. At least I can access the excellent maps of Westeros and the other lands of Games of Thrones and bring them up on my big screen instead of looking at the puny maps in the books. So basically, I paid 10 dollars for maps.

The Geek In Me: Yeah, I will probably go ahead and finish the game anyway despite the horrible play interface.


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