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Glucomannan For Weight Loss – A Key Ingredient For Your Weight Loss Journey!



Glucomannan For Weight Loss

At any given point in time, over 100 trials are going on in the world that are related to weight loss. Considering what obesity does to the body, it is imperative. However, chemicals can take you so far and so natural supplements are the new rave. Every journal is excited to come up with one or the other remedy but that seldom works.

Recently, Saba Mahmoudpour established in  Effects of glucomannan supplementation on weight loss in overweight and obese adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, “In this meta-analysis, we found a significant reduction in body weight following glucomannan consumption in overweight and obese adults. Therefore, the recommendation on glucomannan supplementation could be a practical approach to reduce body weight in overweight and obese adults.”  If that is the case how should we take it?

Derived from the Konjac plant, glucomannan is usually found in its roots. After being a star for centuries when it comes to Asian Medicine, it is ready to be embraced by the world wholeheartedly. If studies are to be believed, there are multiple ways in which it can aid your weight loss.

The Science Behind Glucomannan For Weight Loss!

Science Behind Glucomannan For Weight Loss

The way Glucomannan is composed it is said to have multiple uses that could shed the extra kilos in your body. Predominantly, studies suggest it can suppress appetite. When you eat it before a meal, it keeps you full for longer periods which curbs your cravings. Additionally, it is also suggested by doctors for diabetic patients to keep a stable blood sugar level. According to Dr. Casey Means in Understanding blood sugar and weight loss, “Insulin is a key hormone involved in fat storage and weight gain; when insulin levels are elevated, it impairs the body’s ability to burn fat for energy.” That suggests the importance of considering a steady blood sugar. Moreover, it has also been found that Glucomannan has nutrients that adhere to the digestion patterns of your body. Dietary fiber content makes it ideal to lose weight.

Scientists believe there are multiple ways to incorporate glucomannan into your diet. The National Library of Medicine says, “The beneficial effects of glucomannan on weight loss may be enhanced by dietary modifications, such as hypocaloric diets.” It simply means the effect of the way you eat it can be determinant in the way it amalgamates in your body. Firstly anybody interested in taking it should look for the right way to use it. Tablets, capsules, and powder.  Not only does it matter when it comes to weight loss but also for your overall health. Secondly, Fibre only works when you drink water so to get the optimum result, in this case, weight loss, you should drink water at regular intervals. Thirdly, several studies think that Glucomannan should be in your body 30 minutes – 1 hour before the meal. Additionally, never consume it in bulk. Taking it in recommended dosages could be potentially rewarding. Lastly, it should be a part of your daily meal to make it work. Trials have concluded the way it works the best is by regular consumption.

 Dr. Childs, in his popular weight management blog, suggests that one should eat it when they are intermittent fasting; to keep the stomach full and to avoid bloating. Making it a part of your portion control and appetite diet is also highly recommended. However, its side effects are also taken into consideration. Along with being safe for adults, the consumer might suffer from flatulence, bloating, or similar symptoms. This is entirely manageable and having said that, you should avoid it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding to be safe.

When we look at popular market research websites, we can see that the market for Glucomannan has increased exponentially. While people were hesitant to use it before the boom by 2022 the rise has been over 6%. The market is also been expanded to cast a wider net in the form of gels and creams. Its availability is restricted because the key players in the market do not have much and therefore have no regulation on price yet. Every day, chemicals are corroding the body and surgeries are ending life all for getting a better body. Natural supplements can be the game changer, at least that is what the medical world believes in.

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