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In All Things Love: A Portfolio of Political Art & Editorial Cartoons on LGBTQ Equality



By Andrew David Cox


My interest in addressing LGBTQ rights through political painting and editorial cartooning began with Amendment One, North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage. Considering the implications of the Fourth Circuit recently upholding the federal ruling on Virginia’s gay marriage ban as unconstitutional, my work on this topic has come almost full circle. As I have followed the gay rights movement since the fall of 2011, my understanding of the topic (and how I address it) has evolved as I have sought out and discovered new information, though my position has not changed.

I maintain that same-sex marriage should be legal in all US states and I hope marriage equality will spread to the rest of the world as well. I believe it to be not any lesser than heterosexual marriage, but equal. However, marriage will continue to mean different things to people individually, as it should, and changing the law will not and should not change that.

As with many issues dominating the political landscape of our state and country, religion is part of the conversation and will continue to be. This should not be viewed as an inherently negative thing, but rather seen as each person sees the world around him or her a little bit differently. Religion and spirituality, when wielded with critical thinking, an open heart and an open mind, can be a catalyst for change for the better. While I am not an expert by any means, my exploration of the topic from a spiritual perspective has led me to find it exceedingly difficult to reconcile the idea of a loving God with the idea of a God that condemns committed same-sex relationships. A number of the nation’s churches are already changing their views on this issue and some have begun to open their doors to same-sex marriage ceremonies in states where it is legal.

This topic, like all controversial subjects, should be treated with an earnest desire to respect and love one another even if we sometimes strongly disagree. Hateful and hurtful rhetoric can be found on all sides of any debate. While my cartoons may be bold, critical, and even viewed as hateful by some, I recognize that progress is found in reasonable and respectful discussion. This is something I seek to promote, rather than work against in my connections with others through my cartoons and political art.

Below you will find a collection of my work on LGBTQ rights, comprised of two paintings and eight editorial cartoons, spanning November 2011 to July 2014.























1- “North Carolina Amendment One.” Mixed media on 4’x6’ wood panel. November 2011. Selected for the Juror’s Award for Social & Political Concerns at the 2012 Annual Juried Art Expo Exhibition at Catherine J. Smith Gallery at Appalachian State University.

2- “Lay down your weapons of words.” September 25th, 2012. The Appalachian.

3- “Gay? Fine by me.” December 7th, 2012.

4- “NC takes the dunce cap off… for now.” March 21st, 2013. The Appalachian.

5- “Baptist rejects.” September 9th, 2013.

6- “The Bible Belt (of equality).” February 28th, 2014. The Appalachian. One of four cartoons submitted that earned the 2014 American Association of Editorial Cartoonists/John Locher Memorial Award.

7- “A good problem to have in the Human Rights Campaign office.” March 4th, 2014. The Appalachian.

8- “Blessed are the Children of God.” Pen and acrylic paint on 3.75’x5’ wood panel. April 2014.

9- “Moravian Southern Province lags behind Northern Province.” July 7th, 2014.

10- “Fourth Circuit continues path to marriage equality.” July 29th, 2014.




189-21-253x40011Andrew David Cox, from Pfafftown, is a cartoonist, painter and illustrator who specializes in editorial cartoons and political art. Cox drew editorial cartoons for The Appalachian, the student newspaper of Appalachian State, from August of 2012 to May of 2014. His student cartooning work earned him an honorable mention at the 2012 Statewide College Media Awards and won him the 2014 American Association of Editorial Cartoonists/John Locher Memorial Award. He graduated cum laude from Appalachian State with a BFA in studio art and with departmental honors.

You can follow Mr. Cox online HERE and  social media here:





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