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Johnson & Johnson’s Policy Shift: No Enforcement of Secondary Patents In Tuberculosis Drug Sirturo



Johnson & Johnson's Policy Shift No Enforcement of Secondary Patents In Tuberculosis Drug Sirturo

Johnson and Johnson, the medical magnate announced its decision to not limit the production of their TB med Sirturo. The move comes after experiencing major resistance from countries like India which have quashed its attempts to file a secondary patent over the Fumarate salt of Bedaquiline(the brand name for Sirturo).

“The recent investigation by the South African Competition Commission undoubtedly added significant pressure on J&J, ahead of their announcement,” observes an International health organization. Sirturo is an especially precious drug considering its highly effective against multi-drug-resistant TB.

Johnson & Johnson's Policy Shift No Enforcement of Secondary Patents In Tuberculosis Drug Sirturo

Secondary Patenting is a way often used by Big Pharma to ensure that their drug doesn’t get reproduced anywhere in the world. This includes new forms of release, particular dosages, and even new combinations to resist its replication in any form. This is usually pursued by companies to keep their medicines or products evergreen with unique prices and compositions.

It is not the first time Johnson and Johnson has come under fire this year. For several years it has been speculated that their baby talc contains asbestos that can lead to fatal cancers. After providing proof they were compelled to pay over 8 billion in damages for settlements to prevent having a tough day in court.

Tuberculosis is a fatal infection that affects one’s lungs and is rampant all over the world. Though preventable by vaccine, many were known to develop TB as long as COVID took over them. TB was reported in over 4.47% on average in those affected by a particularly nasty strain of the pandemic.

Moreover, there are over 134 countries in the world that are not vaccinated against the disease or are still battling against the disease. World Health Organization shows that every 1 in 3 people are affected by the multi-drug resistant strain TB which makes it more dangerous than it already is.

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Tuberculosis has multiple causes and is usually manifested when the bacteria enter your bloodstream from the larynx. Additionally, the chances of having TB are higher if you already suffer from diabetes or AIDS, indulge in smoking, and are malnourished.  Symptomatically one can have an incessant cough with blood, fever, sudden weight loss, chest pain, and fatigue to name a few. With 15% mortality, it still is under WHO’s radar for causing havoc more than ever.

A particularly new strain which is multi-drug resistant comes up when your body stops reacting to a drug. Not only do they not respond to Isoniazid and Rifampicin, but they also need a cocktail of drugs which are often expensive and even cause harm after a long time of use. As alarming as this sounds, “MDR-TB remains a public health crisis and a health security threat. Only about 1 in 3 people with drug-resistant TB accessed treatment in 2021” as per the World Health Organization.

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So with the new move, J& J could really be changing things around for a lot of countries. Speaking about the decision, an official was quoted saying, “The announcement will finally pave the way for unfettered access to affordable generic versions of bedaquiline for all people living with drug-resistant tuberculosis who need the drug in low- and middle-income countries. This success is a testament to the persistent efforts of TB activists, civil society, and also countries prioritizing public health over corporations’ interests.”

The move is also expected to extract the same reaction from the Japanese Big Pharma Otsuka which also produces a unique drug that is effective against TB. Moreover, the other local medical companies inside the countries are already on the path to making the drug in a budget friendly and accessible way.

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