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Historic Moment: Kaiser Permanente Union Gears Up for the Largest Healthcare Strike in U.S. History



Historic Moment Kaiser Permanente Union Gears Up for the Largest Healthcare Strike in U.S. History

A total of 75000 healthcare workers are preparing for a 3-day strike on the date being October 4th to 6th due to the expiration of their contract with Kaiser Permanente and no further agreement has been made for renewal. This act spiced up the strike!

According to a news report, this strike will become the largest healthcare worker strike in history, taking over facilities in California, Oregon, Colorado, Virginia, Washington, and Washington D.C. Kaiser serves nearly 13 million patients and has 600 medical offices and 39 hospitals in the areas mentioned above.

The Spark Of The Strike!

There was a merger plan between Kaiser Permanente Union and Kaiser Permanente which was still under consideration on the issues of staffing, pay, and guaranteed performance bonuses. Employees are hoping to get a 6.5% raise in the first year of a four-year contract but Kaiser is offering 3%.

The Spark Of The Strike!

After failing to come to an agreement, the union gave its notice to Kaiser executives last week that a three-day strike would take place if a favorable deal has not been decided on time. The union contract with the company expired at midnight, 1st October.

In compliance with this, a Behavioral Health Clerk for Kaiser Permanente said “We are going to be on strike starting next Wednesday, that’s October 4th, really early in the morning, we’re making sure Kaiser hears us and that we are the frontline workers.”

In The Midst Of Possible Strike, The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions Released The Statement Below:

Negotiations between healthcare workers and Kaiser Permanente executives have continued through the weekend. Healthcare workers agreed to meet with Kaiser executives starting Friday morning, but until Kaiser executives stop bargaining in bad faith over the solutions urgently needed to fix the Kaiser short-staffing crisis, no agreement can be made.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of frontline Kaiser healthcare workers in multiple states are continuing preparations for an unfair labor practice strike starting at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, October 4 to protest Kaiser executives’ bad faith bargaining and to call on executives to take dramatic action now to solve the Kaiser short-staffing crisis by investing in its workforce. 

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In Response, Kaiser Permanente Released The Statement Below

Across the country, America’s working people are expressing the frustration and pains they feel after the last three years. Many have made sacrifices and lost much, and others feel they have been overlooked and left behind.

We think it’s fair to say that people working in healthcare have faced the toughest challenges of all during the pandemic. We’ve all been through a lot.

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The people of Kaiser Permanente faced these challenges too and we persevered: through tireless dedication and often pure grit, and by taking care of each other so we could take care of everyone who needed us. We stuck together and made sure we didn’t leave our people behind.

  • When the pandemic hit, we provided our frontline workforce with extraordinary benefits to support them and their families including $800 million in special benefits for housing, childcare, and paid leave for COVID-19.
  • And when more than 5 million people left their healthcare jobs during the Great Resignation, we began recruiting talented people to join our workforce and relieve our own, sometimes exhausted teams. We hired 29,000 people in 2022  and another 22,000 so far this year.
  • Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition agreed to work together to accelerate hiring this year, setting a joint goal in bargaining of hiring 10,000 new people for Coalition-represented jobs in 2023. Kaiser Permanente’s efforts to date have resulted in 9700 positions filled, and we are aggressively recruiting to fill more.

In an industry with up to two-thirds of healthcare staff saying they are burnt out and more than 1 in 5 (21%) quitting, our turnover rate is now only 7%  and our dedicated people are staying on the job.

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