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Health Alert: N J Restaurant Worker Tests Positive For Hepatitis A, Patrons Asked To Get Vaccinated!



N J Restaurant Worker Tests Positive For Hepatitis A

It is in Asbury Park Restaurant, a brunch spot in New Jersey, that a worker gets infected with Hepatitis A, leaving all the visitors to have a vaccination done as soon as possible. After getting the test done, the health officials of Monmouth County Health Department instructed all the contacts to get the vaccine in order to stay safe.

Asbury Park Restaurant Employee Tests Positive For Hepatitis A

It was on the 27th of September that the health officials revealed the news with an official confirmation through the media even though there were rumours regarding the same before. According to the statement by the officials, September 7 – September 10 and September 12, 14, and 21, are the period and dates in which the infected one worked at the destination. 

Asbury Park Restaurant Employee Hepatitis A Positive

After the tests, the health officials have also done an extensive food safety inspection at the restaurant in which no similar violations have been found. Following the events, the restaurant has also shut down, even without the force of any legal order, in order to provide its other staff to get the vaccines and stay safe.

As per the official order, all the suspected contacts must get vaccinated within two weeks of the date of exposure. The restaurant will reopen for its customers in full swing once all the staff get vaccinated against the infection, says the management of the eatery. 

According to medical experts, it is highly unlikely for a person to get infected with Hepatitis A, if he/she has been served food with the hands of a person who is already infected. However, the cautions and alerts have been declared as a preventive measure to ensure double security for the suspected contacts. A person can get infected with the disease only if they have had close contact with the infected worker or by consuming food and drinks contaminated by the person’s body fluids, says the health experts. 

Hepatitis A falls into the category of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and it is a viral infection. The main organ in the human body that gets infected with the virus is the liver and it may eventually affect many other organs, and organ systems too.

Loss of appetite is seen as the major symptom of this particular viral infection. Apart from this major symptom, several other bodily discomforts and illnesses can also be found such as nausea, fatigue, abdominal cramps, high body temperature, and so on. Once infected with the virus, the human excretions can also be examined with a difference in appearance such as brown-colored urine, light-colored stools, and so on. Tints of yellow can also be found on the skin and also in the eyes.

Steps To Be Followed By Contacts

An infected person would fall ill for an approximate period of seven weeks, according to the experts. Hence if you suspect yourself as one of contact with infected workers, make sure you examine your body and the symptoms carefully and take preventive measures like a vaccine and an expert medical consultation at the earliest so that you may keep the infection and the related health complications at bay.

According to health experts, this should be continued for at least a period of 50 days from the day of suspected exposure to the infected worker at the restaurant. It is also suggested to follow all the possible personal hygiene practices such as frequent hand washes, sanitization, and isolation. According to healthcare experts, it is better to stay at home examine yourself, and take preventive measures before going out and getting in contact with people. You should also inform the officials if you find yourself contracted with any of the aforesaid symptoms. 

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