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NC Democratic Chair Used Party Credit Card to go to Vegas

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by Chad Nance

By Staff


In spite of a strange, state-wide silence in the larger North Carolina media outlets, charges that North Carolina Democratic chairman Randy Voller was calling “slanderous” now seem to have more than a little teeth. The Associated Press is reporting that they have obtained documents showing that Voller used the NC Democratic Party credit card to cover expenses on a personal vacation to Las Vegas in March of 2013.


According to Voller the trip to a Vegas casino was made in order to watch basketball games with old college buddies. Records show that Voller made $3,327 in charges on an American Express Gold Card embossed with his name and that of the state Democratic Party. Sources within the Democratic Party have told CCD that Voller used this card because his own credit rating is weak due to the fact that he owes over $200,000 in back taxes.

Voller told the AP that he didn’t know the card was backed by the personal credit of the party’s then-interim executive director… a paid position Voller appointed himself to over the objections of party activist and workers.

According to Voller he later “decided” to use personal funds to pay off the card and intends to list a portion of the costs for the trip as an in-kind political donation because he asked his friends to give money to the party. None of which will satisfy his critics nor placate the growing demand for Voller to resign.

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