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PMS Linked To Double The Risk Of Early Menopause: New Studies Shows



PMS Linked To Double The Risk Of Early Menopause New Studies Shows

In a drastic turn of events for female bleeders, studies show that Pre-Menstrual Syndrome can lead to menopause. Earlier researchers had already expressed concern over PMS escalating to depression or other mental health disorders. The new study titled, Premenstrual Disorders, Timing of Menopause, and Severity of Vasomotor Symptoms authored by Yuhui Yong on JAMA Network looks closely at over 3000 women menstruators. Data shows that over 2.67 percent of women who developed a risk for early menopause had been dealing with PMS for years.

PMS Linked To Double The Risk Of Early Menopause New Studies Shows

PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome includes a myriad of reactions women start getting a week or two before their period. It could include a slew of symptoms like bloating, headaches, back pain, and mood swings. On average over 3 out of 4 women get PMS but only a short percentage of them have it to be severe. Usually, when women start getting severe PMS in the later stages of their life, it is called Premenstrual Dysphoric disorder. However, only over 5% of women often make it escalate to that extreme.

According to another study published in the National Library of Medicine, women with PMS have an increased risk of heart disease, arrhythmias, and similar ailments. In a regular scenario, menopause is the cessation of the menstruation cycle in a woman. Women usually experience it when they are above 51.  Some says they have been getting early menopause when they are nearing 40. So what are the complications of getting early menopause?

They are more serious than you would think and this is why the scientists are so concerned. Premature menopause is known to cause “premature death, neurological diseases, psychosexual dysfunction, mood disorders, osteoporosis, ischemic heart disease, and infertility” as per the paper in the National Library of Medicine. Premature menopause has been linking to fatal maladies like cancer, cancer-related surgery, or similar health conditions. However, knowing what we know PMS could disrupt the hormonal flow in your body and destroy your reproductive health.

Though the outcomes of the study are concerning, doctors believe that it is too early to form an opinion about the same. Some felt that though the study was comprehensive it didn’t consider a majority. Moreover, the percentage shown is really small. So to get a better idea we might need to wait for the results of a test that we perform on a much larger sample size. Another thing pointed out by the other researchers was that the study only determined there is a connection between early menopause and PMS which was not a piece of news at all. It has already been established earlier and the study only further cements this notion. Does that mean the study can be entirely ignored?

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The study does hold some importance in its manner. Sexual reproductive health professors believe that women talking about PMS are not taken seriously. It is not considered to be a life-threatening illness that needs immediate attention. Instead, women are instructed to take solace in natural or homemade remedies. The Washington Post’s article, From Heart Disease to IUDs: How Doctors Dismiss Women’s Pain further elaborates on this topic, “Several studies support the claim that gender bias in medicine routinely leads to a denial of pain relief for female patients for a range of health conditions.” However, it has been proven that women have a lesser pain threshold than men.  So the latest study will shed some light on the way PMS has been disregarded as a “Women’s problem” for a long time. We believe that further research will uncover more about the serious condition.

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