Ready to do the Time Warp With Theater Alliance Again?

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rocky horror
rocky horror

Wanna get your freak on and do the time warp with your friends & neighbors? That sweet transvestite and his motley crew are back in time for Halloween 2015. Complete with sass from the audience, cascading toilet paper and an array of other audience participation props, Richard O’Brien’s kitschy rock ‘n’ roll sci fi gothic is more fun than ever.

This is Theatre Alliance’s third production of the classic The Rocky Horror Show. The musical that spawned the cult movie and its continual midnight showings, this stage show has all the familiar elements, from the “Science Fiction Double Feature” opening to dancing “The Time Warp”- and a department store’s worth of fishnets.

Just like at the movie version, callbacks are allowed and encouraged. There will also be prop kits available for sale, and patrons are allowed to bring their own props, as long as there is nothing biological – no water guns, open flames, hot dogs/toast/rice throwing – for the safety of the rest of the audience and the performers.

There is a midnight matinee on Halloween night, and this will be the first production in Theatre Alliance’s newly renovated theater. The Size Matters campaign increased the amount of seating in the intimate space, as well as making other improvements. There will be a grand re-opening celebration before the opening night performance on Friday, October 23. All ticket holders are encouraged to arrive as early as 7pm for treats from Theatre Alliance’s new restaurant neighbor, Carmine’s.
Cheri Van Loon serves as choreographer and also plays Columbia, Dr. Frank N. Furter’s tap dancing servant. She says, “It’s astounding to be back at the Frankenstein Place for the third time. I’m having a blast with friends old and new, and we are all ready to do the Time Warp in the renovated space!”

Says Artistic Director Jamie Lawson, “If the third time’s a charm, then this Rocky Horror is ready to mesmerize you with trashy nostalgia! We can hardly stand the antici……pation ourselves!”

If you enjoyed Gray Smith as George Jones or in “La Cage aux Folles”, you haven’t seen anything until you see his Dr. Frank ‘N Furter. Joining Mr. Smith will be director Jamie Lawson and musical director Chris Kiser. The cast will also feature Seph Schonekas as Riff Raff, Suzanne Vaughan as Magenta, Cheri Van Loon as Columbia, Kaylee Gonzalez as Janet Weiss, and John C. Wilson as Brad Majors.

You can find tickets and showtimes HERE.

dr. frank - n' - furter
dr. frank – n’ – furter

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