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Rep. Holloway Running Silent on WASP101

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by Chad Nance

By Chad Nance


Since Monday June 3rd, CCD has repeatedly attempted to contact NC Rep. Bryan Holloway both at his home in King and his office in Raleigh in order to allow him to explain how he is not the author of WASP101. Holloway has also been asked how and who would possibly use his personal photos, as well as those of his assistant Isabel-Villa Garcia, and meticulously create this false persona over the last few years. Apparently Holloway has earned himself some powerful, well funded, and extremely tech savvy enemies… or he is continuing to deceive journalists and the voters of the NC91. With the effort that would have been required to create “Richard” then pin him on Holloway the young politician must truly be threatening to some extremely powerful people- or he is simply a politician caught behaving like a bored college freshman with too much time on his hands.

sen brock
sen brock

CCD did get in touch with one person that “Richard” referred to on WASP101. Sen. Andrew Brock acknowledged CCD’s reporting of his connections to Rep. Holloway and informed us that he has not been in “business” with Holloway or William Head for the last 5 years. According to Sen. Brock the $722.10 that was exchanged between the two men was for a fund-raiser that Sen. Brock said they threw together in Raleigh that cycle. “That was us trying to split the cost. I gave him the money back.” Sen. Brock stated.

As for the WASP101 blog itself, Sen. Brock said he did not know if Holloway authored it or not. “I saw something over the weekend and I said, ‘Who knows?’” Sen. Brock told CCD not seeming as sure as Holloway that some vast, complex conspiracy to frame him as a misogynistic, class conscious, preppy blogger is afoot in North Carolina.

Since CCD first reported on this story (which goes deeper than a distasteful blog) Holloway has once more denied that he is “Richard” to WRAL. Meanwhile, journalist Gregg Flynn who first reported on Holloway and Brock’s alleged pyramid scheme in 2009 has now uncovered more photographic evidence that further ties Rep. Bryan Hollow and Garcia to the WASP101 blog. One particularly damning connection are photos of Holloway and Garcia with their faces clearly visible followed by a photo from the WASP101 site where two people looking exactly like Garcia and Holloway and wearing the same clothes, are standing arm in arm with their faces cropped out of the picture.

Rep. Holloway continues to stonewall and maintain that he did not author WASP101 and he is refusing to answer questions about what he has been doing with the campaign funds he seems to be giving himself in order to finance the WASP101 lifestyle. If Holloway is truly not the author of WASP101 and if he is not using his campaign like an ATM machine in spite of the fact that he already receives compensation for room and board from the tax payers- the ball is in his court. Holloway can either come clean, or it is time for Rep. Holloway to produce evidence for his extraordinary claims.

courtesy gregg flynn
courtesy gregg flynn


You can read CCD’s coverage of the Holloway/Wasp101 connection HERE.

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Audio of WRAL reporters confronting Holloway about WASP101 HERE.






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