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Representative Evelyn Terry Explains Her Recent Health Challenge

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rep. terry
rep. terry

On June 27t, State Representative Evelyn Terry(D-71), explained constituents that she has been dealing with a health challenge, but assured them that the prognosis is good and she will continue to serve them in Raleigh.

“A couple of months ago, doctors found a growth on my bladder. It was removed through out-patient surgery and subsequently, in an abundance of caution, I started chemotherapy which now is about complete. We caught it in the early stage,” said Terry, “butt still it was a matter of concern. Thankfully, I have the support of family, friends, constituents and great doctors at Baptist Hospital. I see this as yet one more challenge along life’s way, and together with prayer and God’s help, we are working our way through it.”

Despite ongoing treatment, Terry has been fully engaged in the current “short” session of the General Assembly now being held in Raleigh. “There are a lot of issues on the table that are important to the voters here in Forsyth County,” she said. “and I am making sure their voices are heard loud and clear.”

“As always, I encourage residents of District 71 to contact me if they want to share a concern or viewpoint or if they think there is some way in which I can be of assistance,” Terry said. “My number is 336.788.5008 and my email is [email protected].”

Like the majority of the Forsyth County delegation to Raleigh, Rep. Terry has no opponent in November.

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