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Same Sex Ceremony is Held at Fort Bragg Chapel

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The times they are a changin’.  According to the AP Fort Bragg, the Fayetteville, NC Army Base (home to the Green Berets and other spec ops groups) has entered the 21st Century and opened their chapel to same-sex marriage ceremonies.  Much like racial desegregation in the 1950’s, the United States military is once more ahead of the curve when it comes to equality… particularly in North Carolina.  This move comes  as Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis and Speaker Pro of the NC Senate Phil Berger have brought in an outside legal team of Evangelical Christian activist lawyers from Arizona (The ironically named “Alliance Defending Freedom”) to look over Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper’s upcoming defense North Carolina’s Un-Constitutional Amendment One.  Similar anti-gay laws such as DOMA have been struck down by Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States.


us army seal
us army seal

As reported by the AP:

Fort Bragg saw Maj. Daniel Toven and Johnathan Taylor exchanged vows on Saturday.

The pair married in Washington, D.C., in August. The Fort Bragg ceremony wasn’t a wedding, which is barred by state law. But the event drawing together more than 100 people to bless the pair’s marriage is believed to be the first for a same-sex couple at Fort Bragg.

Attendees at the Episcopal service included a one-star general and a command sergeant major.


You can read the full story HERE.



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