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Utah Reports Discovery of Highly Mutated New COVID-19 Variant



Utah Reports Discovery of Highly Mutated New COVID-19 Variant

Covid-19 or Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc ever since its discovery in 2019. While the whole of 2020 and the better part of 2021 were successfully snatched by the pandemic, the authorities claim that we are not out of the woods yet. Supporting this theory is the new variant that was discovered last month in Utah. 

The samples of wastes collected from different regions as well as some patients were found to be carriers of this highly mutated variant also known as B.A.2.86 or Pirola.

First detected in early July 2023, WHO has been closely monitoring the mutation which is a sub-derivation of highly potent Omicron. The red flags started appearing when a small number of people contracted the disease within weeks of detecting it in countries like Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Thailand, and France. It also brought the already existing doubts of the vaccines to the forefront. However though the initial immunity is not of much use, the vaccine is still able to hold its ground in front of the virus.

The U.S., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is apprehensive about its spread in the fall though it has prepared a checklist of frequently asked questions if the situation demands it. The symptoms are fever, cough, loss of taste, and breathlessness which are nothing unlike the regular variant.

When asked if the current tests are capable of detecting the new variant, doctors believe that no diversion has been found and a formal test should be able to show the presence of the disease. One can always rely on detailed lab results when home tests don’t work the way they want.

Apart from Utah, its presence has also been detected in the sewage plants near New York town. The reason for the increasing panic is attributed to the ability of the mutant to affect the COVID+ patients.

However, they have since cleared up the confusion by reiterating that it is not particularly fatal. The Disease Center is expecting a rise in COVID cases as the flu season approaches and Pirula could emerge as a clear winner.

A section of healthgivers also believe that the variant can bypass vaccines as well. When asked to confirm the same, the CDC officials said that the research is still underway to speculate anything could have harsh effects.

COVID-19 reared its ugly head recently when the hospitalization cases surged by 13 % in August. No deaths have been reported so far which provided some solace in the otherwise grim condition.

Then why the hypervigilance? COVID-19 is highly transmissible and there is no chance to control it once spreads so as not to be held again in an impossible situation, the observation comes in handy. “Let’s keep an eye on this and be careful”, said a virologist from the department.

With the fall approaching, the CDC has officially released a statement urging people to get their booster shots in a way to get ahead of this. They also ensure that the situation is still being gauged and people shouldn’t fall for false reports. A sudden spike in the numbers could be due to the advent of summer which is a regular event when a season changes.

The vaccine companies are in constant discussions with the government regularly. Any modification detected in the virus will also be applied to the vaccine itself to make it as effective as it can be. The current dose was found to be 11% effective against Pirula and that will be increased as the fall booster shot is administered.

We can also bring the disease under control by not exposing us to crowded areas. Parents of children can try to spend their vacation inside the safe bounds of their house. When unavoidable, they can always reintroduce the use of face masks, hand sanitizers, and other precautionary methods. Until there is an official statement we need to be cautious but not anxious.

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