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Can Venom From A Highly Poisonous Spider Treat Erectile Dysfunction?



Can Venom From A Highly Poisonous Spider Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Arachnophobes might want to rethink their fear as researchers are on the way to discovering something miraculous about spiders.  If reports are to be believed, Brazilian researchers have been working on the possibility that a particular spider venom can treat Erectile Dysfunction. Scientifically known as Phoneutria nigriventer and otherwise known as Brazilian wandering spider is one of the most venomous spiders in the country. 

Spider Venom As A Potential Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Spider Venom As A Potential Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Locally known as the Banana spider, it gets its name from its proximity to stay near bananas. The idea of it being viable to be a medicine first came up when the people who were bitten by the spider approached the Emergency room. They were identified to have a painful and prolonged erection known as Priapism.

According to researchers who then took a closer look at the spider discovered that the venom releases Nitric Oxide which is ideal for rushing blood into the male organ. Blood circulation as well as oxygenation is also optimum when the molecule reaches your body. Talking about the discovery a researcher at the University Of Georgia was quoted as, “The erection is a side effect that everybody who gets stung by this spider will experience along with the pain and discomfort.”

At Ezequiel Dias Foundation, the researchers are really excited by the opportunity. As the lead researcher elaborates, “There is great resistance among men to undergo radical prostate surgery, for example in the case of cancer, because this leads to erectile dysfunction. And in this case, as the peptides are active in men who have had their prostate removed, it can further enable early cancer treatment.” 

Based on a rough estimate over 30 Million people in the U.S. alone are affected by E.D.  The burgeoning numbers could be easily explained by the causes which comprise heart disease, diabetes, obesity, M.S., abuse of drugs and alcohol, and even hypertension. E.D. can also manifest due to depression, anxiety, and stress.

Using the venom as it is not what the researchers suggest. If you get bitten by the spider you “prolonged and painful erection, which can lead to necrosis of the penis,”, says a professor of Medicine at a leading hospital in Brazil. So using it safely is key. “Tests, so far, have demonstrated that the compound works with the application of a minimum amount and without any toxicity” assures one investigator. This means they are compounding it into a new drug, B3Z71A which has the ability to channel blood flow to the sexual organ. After its success with the animal trial, it was observed that they showed no side effects on humans either. “It only has good local effects, with the absence of negative systemic effects.” commented a scientist at the testing lab. Viagras or the current medications, on the other hand, are known to cause various undesired results.

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Besides causing chest pain in most, it also has been known to be less effective. Apart from this a runny nose, muscle pain, and bleeding could be the symptoms. Therefore, there are multiple interests resting on the development of the new drug. Researchers confirm how it could turn into a potent drug that will be a magic potion.

However, the road is still a long one. It is now being tested on men who have had a hysterectomy. If that turns out to be successful it could open doors to curing female dysfunction as well. But the road still remains to be a long and tiring one. If everything goes right, the medicine is soon expected to hit the markets.

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