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Video- Altercation Occurs at Hanes Mill Wal-Mart Following Accusations of Shoplifting

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by Chad Nance

By Staff

On Thursday CCD was sent a video that is reported to have been taken on Dec. 29th at the Wal-Mart on Hanes Mill Road. We have since located a second video of the incident. In the cell-phone video three men whom sources have told CCD are Loss Prevention employees of Wal-Mart are seen manhandling a woman they claim had shop-lifted an item.

video still

The (as of press time) unidentified African-American woman in the video with her children repeatedly says that she is not resisting, has a receipt, and will not flee. Three Wal-Mart employees are seen holding her against the building with one man holding her arm in a wrestling hold as if he planned to break it.  Other employees are seen walking around as the altercation continues.

At one point her bag is taken from her then disappears from view which will make it difficult to ever ascertain her guilt or innocence. Her children are seen crying as they watch. At the end of the video police are shown arriving and handcuffing the woman.

CCD has contacted the Winston-Salem Police Department regarding this video and they are currently looking into the incident and will provide information as they are able.

CCD went to the Wal-Mart store Thursday morning to ask about the incident and were referred to Wal-Mart’s corporate spokesperson. The man seen holding the woman’s arm in the video was seen inside of the Wal-Mart working when CCD visited Thursday morning. Wal-Mart’s corporate spokesperson told CCD by phone that they have seen the two videos posted below and said, “We are looking into it.”

This is a developing story so please check back and CCD will bring you more as our coverage continues. You can now read part 2 HERE.


Some highlights in the clips are as follows:


:20 Someone removes subjects three children taking them inside.

:37 Man in red shirt takes bag.

:45 Three men begin to push her around and into the corner.

1:00 Arm-lock becomes obvious.

1:30 A Wal-Mart manager comes outside.

1:50 Another manager comes outside.

2:07 Man in red shirt drops her bag into a grocery cart that is then pushed out of frame.

Video 2

:10 Manager goes back inside store.

:28 Second manager comes. Wal-Mart employee brings out a shopping cart containing a pink can and a Happy Meal box.

:45 Guy in red shirt drops the bag into cart with food back and can.

1:13 The man with her arm begins pulling on her arm for leverage.

1:42 Employee begins to back up crowd.

2:26 Elbows are being thrown back and forth.

3:00 husband/boyfriend shows up and is then pushed by Wal-Mart employee.

3:30 An employee uses the cart to block the husband/boyfriend from subject.

4:30 Employee picks up contents of cart and throws it all in the back with the original back that was held by the woman.

7:15 Her children are back outside.

7:28 Police come into frame.

7:56 Police remove boyfriend.

8:11 Police handcuff woman.


 Video 1

Video 2

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